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learn to improvise on...

In each of these PDFs you will find the basic material you need to learn the tune in a practical way and improvise with it. It is focused on practice and not theory, so you can start playing as soon as possible, and you won't be held back by a lack of theoretical knowledge.

The duration of the lesson in the PDF is equivalent to approximately two months of private lessons, based on one lesson per week, without going into the same level of depth or personalization that would occur with private lessons.

Although it’s not necessary, I recommend combining individual study of the PDFs with private lessons to strengthen your learning and resolve issues that may come up.

Everything is sequenced and organized for you to get it done as quickly and consistently as possible.

These guitar lessons in PDF are designed for everyone and you can work your way through the score and / or tablature, although knowing how to read rhythms and a minimum level of technical skill with the instrument is recommended.

The PDF lesson is designed for learning the tune in one single position, so that you can go deeper and connect all the basic material to get to improvise in an interesting, coherent and musical way in record time.


  • User's guide.

  • Backing Track.

  • Learn to Improvise on.... ( lesson in pdf).

  1. The tune with the scale/chord relationship.

  2. Scales.

  3. Chords.

  4. Arpeggios.

  5. Licks.

  6. Scales exercise.

  7. Arpeggio exercise.

  8. Exercise of chords.

  9. Etude.

  10. Composition.

  11. Application and improvisation exercise.


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